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GTF On The 19th Session Of The United Nations Human Rights Council

“A true international effort, with the backing of key regional Governments, will bring real accountability for war crimes and reconciliation between communities in the island of Sri Lanka” the Global Tamil Forum says.

Issuing a press statement GTF says “We will continue our work with international governments and non-governmental actors to bring just peace for all Tamil speaking people, all other communities in the island and justice for the victims of war. ”

The full statement is reproduced below:

A true international effort, with the backing of key regional Governments, will bring real accountability for war crimes and reconciliation between communities in the island of Sri Lanka

The United Nations Human Rights Council which is in session in Geneva right now presents a great opportunity for the international community to address the issues of accountability, for the alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity, committed by both sides during the final stages of the war in Sri Lanka.

Global Tamil Forum (GTF) welcomes the positive recommendations proposed by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) as practical first steps to creating the environment conducive to reconciliation and asserts that these need to be expeditiously implemented. However, it is almost three years since the end of the war and the Sri Lankan government has demonstrated no commitment to credibly investigate allegations of war crimes, breaches of international humanitarian law and to bring the perpetrators to justice. The failure of domestic efforts to adequately address accountability has given rise to the continuing culture of impunity and grave human rights abuses.

Even the LLRC observed that its own interim recommendations which were issued in September 2010, such as publishing a list of detainees and disarming paramilitary groups, have not been implemented. This consistent record of non-implementation by the government, and its refusal to take steps towards creating a social and political environment of positive peace and justice remains the most serious problem for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

GTF firmly believes that only an international, independent investigation can secure truth and accountability for what happened during the war and calls upon the international community to take a principled stand, to ensure that the positive LLRC recommendations are implemented in a timely manner and accountability is addressed through a credible international mechanism, as recommended by the UN Panel of Experts (PoE) in their report, in order to lay the foundations for meaningful reconciliation.

We will continue our work with international governments and non-governmental actors to bring just peace for all Tamil speaking people, all other communities in the island and justice for the victims of war. In this regard and various other matters affecting the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, senior members of GTF met with senior Foreign Ministry officials of Switzerland in Berne and UN Ambassadors for various African countries in Geneva this week, to discuss how a credible reconciliation process can be advanced between all communities in the island. GTF members will also be meeting other voting member country Ambassadors and senior Foreign Ministry officials in the coming days.

GTF has, and always will, support the efforts of the international community, with the backing of key regional governments, to pursue a binding commitment from Sri Lanka to seek international expertise and wider international participation to resolve the genuine grievances of the Tamil people, that underpinned decades of conflict, through a durable political solution.



14 thoughts on “GTF On The 19th Session Of The United Nations Human Rights Council

  1. The Global Tamil Forum and Donald Gnanakoon is not recognised as legal entities as far as the Sri Lankan Government is concerned. Reason: They are Fronts of a Terrorist Organisation – The Liberation Tiges Of Tamil Elaam. They can say what they want only the Colombo Telegraph and the Sunday Leader will pay “pooja” to what they say.
    If the Sri Lankan Government can stand before the United Nations and reveal all the conspriacies made against it who are the Global Tamil Forum or their British Tamil Forum to challenge and give advice or orders to Sri Lanka?

    Posted by Peter Casie Chetty | March 3, 2012, 11:03 am
  2. GTF claims that they had met officials of various countries regarding reconciliation with the Sinhalese.If GTF is TRULY interested in reconciliation,then they must talk to GOSL officials!GTF says that bringing war crimes charges against Rajapakse and others will bring reconciliation.For argument sake lets say that Rajapakse and others are hanged over war crimes.Does GTF truly believe that the Sinhalese will kiss Tamils with open arms and say lets reconcile?Then what happens when the Tamil terrorists start exploding bombs once again?The GOSL will not do anything because once again war crimes charges will be brought.what GTF is saying is very clear.Let us bomb and massacre as we please in the name of reconciliation.Now GTF wants other countries to help them in achieving their pipe dreams.Well,India tried it’s best to help the Tamil terrorists.As a mark of gratitude the Tamil Tiger terrorists murdered Indian PM Rajiv Ghandi.So now GTF wants other countries to do it’s dirty work,eh?GTF is nothing more than leftover Tamil tiger terrorists.Instead of LTTE it’s GTF.Why don’t you accept the bitter truth that the Tiger terrorists were buried for good at Nandikdal.Just don’t waste your time.Instead concentrate with your drugs business,credit card fraud etc.If that is what you call a living,you are welcome.

    Posted by Max Silva | March 3, 2012, 2:34 pm
    • The Sri Lankan government has chosen to paper over issues of accountability for the loss of civilian lives during the war’s final weeks. Much to the exasperation of allies such as India, it has also blown hot and cold about a settlement of Tamil political aspirations. Sri Lanka must realise that its own interests require it urgently to address these twin bases of national reconciliation. Sadly, its response to the Geneva challenge has been to whip up anti-U.S., anti-West, Sinhala nationalist protests at home, creating an atmosphere of an island under siege. This is hardly a constructive response; if anything, the government’s over-the-top campaign may further sharpen ethnic cleavages in the country.

      Separate State for the Tamils or North and East of Tamil Land is annexed with Tamil Nadu is the only viable solution to this issue.

      Posted by Shiva | March 5, 2012, 7:06 pm
    • Max Silva, I agree neither the Sinhalese nor the Tamils will reconcile with each other. You have to understand that this ethnic problem is started by the Sinhala Chauvinistic leaders and not by the Tamils. The LTTE was a product of the Sinhala racism, state terrorism and Apartheid policies. It is too late to reconcile and Thanks to the Rajapakse brothers to their contribution to bring this issue to the UNHRC.

      The best solution is Eelam for the Tamils or annex Eelam with India that is the current proposal of the Tamils to the Indian Government.

      Everyone wants to live happily and in harmony!

      Posted by Shiva | March 5, 2012, 7:12 pm
  3. GTF witness the 30 years of brutal tamil speaking terrorist activities which eventually drag their own tamil speaking retard s to hell. They ask for it. Now what they want? Who gives a ***t. They think this war is like a dumb tamil movie fighting with 100s on vegetable market with bicycles and pots? This war was conducted to demolish their terrorism which was a virus to India and whole south Asia. They still want to talk with whom? Tamil terrorist started this war by killing Duraiappa to Uma Maheshwarn and paralizing all the other independent tamil leadership. They try to mess with Sr lankan economy by destroying Air Lanka to Petroleum Cooperation. They killed innocent civilians from train bombs to hacking children with swards. What the **** they still want to speak? They bomb roads and railway tracks and dismantle telephone line to power lines connecting North. Our Sri Lankan poor Tax money was wasted for this retards rehabilitation to fight against terrorism. What still they want to talk? I would personally like to give a blow on few of their faces if I had a chance.

    Posted by Bodinayaka | March 3, 2012, 10:48 pm
    • Tamils have been experiencing over 60 Years of Sinhala racist Apartheid crimes, hooliganism and state terrorism. As Sri Lanka is a state of denial and a failed state, the UNHRC and the International Community steps in to resolve the issue and deliver Justice.

      Bodinayaka, Do you want IPKF in your backyard?

      How will you feel if Eelam is annexed to Tamil Nadu and the Indian armed forces are on the border between Sri Lanka and Eelam?

      I have a feeling that the Sinhala racism will bring downfall to the entire Sinhalese. Eelam Tamils prefer to be under Tamil Nadu / India than under the Sinhala regime. Enough is enough and no one can tolerate the Sinhala barbarianism!

      Posted by Shiva | March 5, 2012, 7:20 pm
  4. Global Terror Forum(GTF) wants to reconcile with the Sinhalese?First you’d better think about reconciling with the innocent Tamils whose kith and kin were brutally murdered by the sole representative,the bloody Tamil Tigers.So now it has dawned on you that you want to talk on reconciliation.You murdered in cold blood,Indian PM Rajiv Ghandi who tried his best to help you.Ungrateful monsters. So now you want to talk with the Sinhalese.OK fine,but one important matter.Before entering the reconciliation room,all you guys will have to strip naked like in US airports.Can’t trust you fellows.Who knows where you might be hiding bombs?

    Posted by Max Silva | March 4, 2012, 9:07 pm
  5. Shiva,You’ve got grandiose ideas in the form of a pipe dream Ealam.OK,lets assume that you get Ealam.Then what about the Tamils living outside the north east?Are they going to be absorbed in to the north?Or are you going to have Ealam allover Srilanka?Then what about the Tamils living abroad?You claim that this problem was started by the racist Sinhalese.Hence the LTTE came on stage.OK,then pl tell me why the LTTE murdered Tamil leaders?Then why did the Tamil tiger terrorists murder Rajiv Ghandi?Already Tamils in the rest of the country are living peacefully with their Sihalese counterparts.There is no need for a so called reconciliation.What is needed is the elimination of Tamil tigers living abroad,who are making out a living through terrorism,murder,extortion,blackmail,drug trafficking,credit card fraud and all kinds of nefarious activities.Then how about the notorious cast discrimination among Tamils?Ealam was buried at Nandikadal for good!

    Posted by Max Silva | March 6, 2012, 2:28 am
    • Max Silva, Over 100 million Tamils are living all over the world peacefully – from New Zealand to North America. It is up to an individual to make a decision what is good for them and choose the place to live. Sinhalese are living and working in Tamil Nadu, India and there is no violence against them like the Sinhalese regime and hooligans committing crimes against the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

      Tamils are leading in academic, professional and political life all over the world and the Sri Lankan Sinhala racist Chauvinism has contributed to the downfall of Sri Lanka economically, morally, politically and ethically due to the Apartheid mindset of the Sinhala leaders.

      The Sinhala leaders and the hooligans are responsible for the sufferings of innocent people in Sri Lanka and please read “the Hard Truths” written by first PM of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew.

      Noone will be surprised if India annex not only the Eelam but also give more trouble to Sri Lanka due to the mockery of the Sinhala leaders. India being a Hindu dominated nation is not going to tolerate Sinhala barbarianism against the Hindus when leaders like Mrs. Indra Gandhi, MGR, Jeyalalitha or any other Hindu fanatic comes to power.

      Destroying harmony is easy and creating it is very difficult. Be wise to be successful!

      Posted by Shiva | March 6, 2012, 7:39 pm
  6. Shiva,you have not answered my questions.That is, why did the Tiger terrorists murder Tamil politicians?Now you expect India to help you out in achieving your Ealam pipe dream.Last time India tried to help you the Tiger thugs murdered Rajiv Ghandi.Answer me,why did you hum bugs kill Rajiv Ghandi?You claim that Tamils living worldwide are academics and professionals.If you call drug trafficking,extortion,murder,prostitution,credit card fraud etc as academic and professional,then you are welcome to your own opinions!Once again i am asking you.WHY DID THE TAMIL TIGER THUGS MURDER INDIAN PM RAJIV GHANDI?

    Posted by Max Silva | March 7, 2012, 5:12 am
    • Max Silva, Who knows who murdered these Tamil leaders and anyone can accuse another? Tamils believe that several Tamil leaders were murdered by the State forces and put the blame on the LTTE. Kadhirgamar, Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam, Tamil MP was shot inside the Church, 17 French Charity workers were murdered in cold blood, 5 students were gunned down in Trincomalee, surrendered rebels were executed and other were victims. Now there is no LTTE to blame and several people are abducted, raped, tortured and murdered. Who does it?

      This is why an Independent International human rights and war crimes investigation must be conducted in Sri Lanka to bring those responsible to accountability and deliver justice to the victims. The rajapakse regime is an alleged war criminal regime and it cannot investigate its own crimes.

      You write that the LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi but not writing that the IPKF has committed war crimes in Jaffna, killing doctors and nurses. Rajiv Gandhi was attacked by a Sinhala soldier in Colombo. All criminals must be brought to face justice.

      Jeyalalitha and the CPI are demanding the Rajapakse must be declared as a war criminal and should be taken to the ICC to stand trial. No criminal should excape from responsibility and punishment!

      Posted by Shiva | March 7, 2012, 4:37 pm
  7. Now you are singing a different tune.That is that the Tiger terrorists never murdered Tamils.So they were selectively murdering Sinhalese.On the other hand you say that the Sinhalese are racists.Shiva you can’t both have the cake and eat it.The problem with you is that you are obsessed with this war crimes fiasco.The Americans have taken you for a right royal ride.You claim that the IPKF committed war crimes.According to you the Tamil tiger terrorists are holy.No point talking about that bandit woman Jeyalalitha.Keep on licking the boots of the “Suddhas”!

    Posted by Max Silva | March 7, 2012, 7:19 pm
  8. Max Silva – This is the problem with the Sinhalese that if anyone demands for independent investigation and justice, they get upset, angry and they deny. This is the problem since independence that the Tamils have been facing in Sri Lanka.

    Now that Rajapakse brother has admitted to the US Diplomats that the Sri Lankan forces have committed several crimes against humanity (WikiLeaks) including the cold blooded murder of 5 Students in Trincomalee and the murder of 17 French Charity workers in Muttur. I do not say that the LTTE did not commit crimes or terrorism and all crimes must be independently investigated by the international community including the crimes committed by the LTTE. Now the LTTE and the EPDP all are partners of the Rajapakse regime.

    Jeyalalitha is demanding for an independent investigation and this is a democratic process, Sinhala people have failed to protect the Tamils and to take Rajapakse to face the trial and for you she is a “bandit”. The basic problem with the Sinhala is DENIAL, DENIAL AND DENIAL of human rights, rule of law, R2P and democratic values and principles.

    It is absurd to write or communicate with the Sinhala that will never accept responsibility for the crimes committed and denial of an independent investigation. Tamils are sick of the Sinhala people and leadership as they deny basic rights of the people

    The Ethnic problem has started due to the denial of Rule of Law and justice, treat citizens equally, absence of R2P and human rights and use of state terrorism and Sinhala hooliganism.

    I wish if the US takes action like that took against Serbia and brought Milosevic to the ICC to take responsibility for the crimes committed. US must do the same in Sri Lanka as well and bring the Sri Lankan perpetrators to face the Law and Justice.

    Demand for Transparency, Rule of Law, Justice, Equality, Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights and Fundamental Rights! It is no use all of it are in books but not practiced!

    Your views show that there is no reconciliation possible between the Tamils and the Sinhalese.

    Posted by Shiva | March 9, 2012, 2:05 pm
  9. During a 30 year terror period when the Tamil Tiger terrorists were butchering innocent civilians,war crimes and human rights were never in your vocabulary.You are wasting your time.That Ealam pipe dream of yours was buried for good at Nandikadal.But still you can create your own “Prabakaran human rights award”.

    Posted by Max Silva | March 9, 2012, 2:43 pm

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