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US Resolution Criticises, Surges Beyond LLRC

By Dayan Jayatilleka – It is almost a crime to lie to the people and mislead them on a matter of vital national interest. When it is committed by politicians it is an act of unconscionable opportunism. When it is perpetrated by so-called intellectuals belonging to civil society, it is a counterfeiting of the currency of … Continue reading

UN Ignored Its Own Report On Israeli War Crimes

By Latheef Farook – Why does the United Nations remains silent on its own report on Israeli war crimes   on dehumanized and starving Palestinians in Gaza? Where are United States and its UNHCR resolution on Israeli war crimes? These are questions no one dare ask. Raising such questions means paying heavy price- be it UNHRC … Continue reading

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished – Official And High Quality Version

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished – Official and high quality version Click here 4od

UN Human Rights Council Meeting Another Farce

By Brian Senewiratne – This is not a document for easy reading, nor is it meant to be. It is a reasonably comprehensive record of the abysmal record of the UN and the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in addressing human rights violations. It is being submitted to the UNHRC and will probably end up in a … Continue reading

CPA On Misinformation And Myths Regarding The UNHRC Resolution

By Colombo Telegraph – Centre for Policy Alternatives  has issued a document which aims to clarify some of the basic facts and developments and dispel any misinformation and myths regarding the resolution and its impact on Sri Lanka and its people. The full document is reproduced below. Question & Answer Sheet on the Resolution tabled at the United … Continue reading

Iran – Oil – Rajapakses On The Run

By Kumar David- A hornet’s nest of connected issues is exploding. If Israel attacks Iran what will happen in the Middle East and to oil prices? If not what will happen to oil prices? The Rajapakse government is under attack on all sides and is crumbling; can we make any sensible predictions even six months ahead? I … Continue reading

WikiLeaks: Tiran Alles Filmed LTTE-Rajapaksa Pre-Election Deal

By Colombo Telegraph – “A UNP source told Pol Chief that Tiran Alles had executed an affidavit detailing Basil Rajapaksa, Jayasundera and Weeratunga’s involvement in the arrangements with Emil Kanthan, a prominent Tamil businessman and suspected LTTE intelligence officer, some time ago. Alles has deposited the original in a secure place accessible to his attorney. … Continue reading

WikiLeaks: Hard To Campaign For “Carnival Of Fools” – Anura B

By Colombo Telegraph – “Sri Lankan Foreign Minister (and brother of President Kumaratunga) Anura Bandaranaike told the Ambassador he is contemptuous of SLFP Presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapakse’s alliance with the Marxist JVP, will not campaign very hard on Rajapakse’s behalf and is not at all sure he would want to be Prime Minister in such … Continue reading

Anura Bandaranaike Ward Opened:Mahinda Recalls Close Relationship With Anura

By Colombo Telegraph – President Mahinda Rajapaksa recalled his close friendship with Anura Bandaranaike and the services rendered by the Bandaranaikes to the people, when he addressed a public gathering on Saturday after opening the newly build Anura Bandaranaike ward and blood bank, now part of Wathupitiwela hospital. A close associate of the late Bandaranaike, … Continue reading

Clergies Are Intimidated: Concerned Citizens Informed UNHRC

By Colombo Telegraph – “We also express our grave concerns about intimidation and discrediting of the signatories of the initial letter and in particular the Bishop of Mannar, by media such as the Sunday Divaina, websites and even government’s coalition partners such as the Jathika Hela Urumaya and National Freedom Front by accusing the Bishop … Continue reading

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